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Welcome Back to the Essence of Fine Dining.

Step into our warm and inviting restaurant, where you can savor prime steaks and gourmet dishes expertly prepared by our award-winning chefs. Our professional staff is dedicated to elevating your dining experience, making it truly unforgettable.

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Burnt Ends | $28

Braised Brisket, Coleslaw, BBQ Sauce

THE BIG Taco (3 per) | $25

Diced Ribeye, BBQ Sauce, Pico de Gallo, Avocado Mousse

Beef Gnocchi  |  $36

Potato Pasta, Brisket, Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes

CRISPY CHICKEN Wings  |  $18

Smoky BBQ and Buffalo Dipping Sauce


Sweet Chili or Sriracha Honey

Tempura Chicken Poppers  |  $22

Maple Bourbon and Orange Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

Pulled Beef BBQ Pizza  |  $25

Slow Cooked Brisket, Artisanal Sourdough

Stuffed Aubergine |  $26

Italian Eggplant, Bolognese, Beet Hummus, Fried Chickpeas

Steak Nachos |  $36

Fried Corn Tortilla, Black Beans, Guacamole, Pico De Gallo

Sticky Lamb Breast Riblets  |  $38

Korean BBQ Sauce, Fried Garlic

Short Rib Cigars  |  $18

Shredded Short Rib, Apricot Jam, Powder Sugar

Avocado Spring Roll |  $18

Avocado, Scallion, Panko

“The Shoppe” Jerky Sampler |  $32

BBQ Beef Jerky and Maple Bourbon Beef Jerky


550 Chicken Soup | $18

Vegetables, Noodles

Savory Corn Soup | $24

Pop Corn, Paprika Oil

Soup of the day | $22

Ask your Server for our Special Soup


APPLE PECAN Arugula Salad | $23

Beets, Strawberry, Poppy Seed Dressing, Glazed Pecans

Fire Roasted Cauliflower | $25

Fried Chickpeas, Hummus, Grapes, Radishes

Caesars Salad | $26

Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Croutons, Caesar Dressing

Add Chicken +$9.00 or Salmon +$15.00

The Chicken Caesar Platter | $38​

Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Grilled Chicken Breast, Toast

Grilled Steak Salad | $48

Mixed Greens, Avocado, Vinaigrette, Sliced Grilled Steak


550 Wagyu Burger | $45

Lettuce, Tomato, Pickled Red Onion, French Fries

Add Pastrami +$10.00 / Egg +$3.00

Grilled Rib-Eye Steak Sandwich | $44

Spicy Mayo, Tomato, Pickled Red Onion, Spring Mix Salad

Chicken Pesto Sandwich | $38

Tomato, Lettuce, Pickled Red Onion, Garlic Aioili


Burger & Fries | $30

Fried Chicken Cutlet & Fries | $28

Crispy Chicken Combo & Fries | $32

House Made Mac & Cheese | $28

prime steaks

Beef Asado | $65

Ribeye Steak, Chimichurri, Garlic Confit

12oz Skirt Steak | $89

Bernaise Sauce

12oz Hanger Steak | $89

Roasted Cauliflower

16oz Ribeye Steak | $95

Au Jus

34oz Cote De Boeuf | $195

Bone-in Ribeye Steak for Two, Chicken Kebab,

French Fries, String Beans, In-house Steak Sauces

All individual steaks are served with choice of

French Fries / Mashed Potato / Side Salad / Rice

Side Dish Substitution +$ 6.00

Mixed Vegetables / Sweet Potato Fries

String Beans / Asparagus / Mushrooms


Steak Platter | $88

12oz Boneless Ribeye, Bright Spring Mix Salad

Asian Fusion Grilled Ribeye | $68

Onions, Peppers, Teriyaki Sauce, Sesame Seeds

Sicilian Steak | $72

Breaded Steak, Fries, Mix Greens,Balsamic Vinaigrette

fish mains

Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass | $59

Peewee Potatoes, Blanched Asparagus

Grilled Salmon Filet | $44

Parsnip Pureé, Grilled Seasonal Vegetables, Chimichurri

Pan Fried Branzino | $46

Roasted Cauliflower, Carrot Pureé Chimichurri

Catch of The Day | $54

Ask your Server for our Special Fish

house specialties

Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast | $38

Carrot Pureé, Vegetables, Chimichurri

Lemon Rosemary Roasted Cornish Hen | $54

Peewee Potatoes, Beet Pureé

Roasted Half Chicken | $42

Mashed Potatoes, String Beans, Wine and Garlic Sauce

16-Hour Braised Prime Short Rib | $75

Mashed Potato, Carrot Pureé, Crispy Garlic

Argentinian Style Grilled Lamb Chops | $89

Peewee Potatoes, Chimichurri

Spaghetti Lamb Ragù | $54

Shredded Lamb, House Made Pasta, Caramelized Onions

Ziti Bolognese | $42

Ground Meat Sauce, Mirepoix

Fettuccine Alfredo | $41

Sliced Breaded Chicken Breast, Creamy Garlic Bechamel, Parsley

side dishes

French Fries, Truffle Mayo | $12

Basmati Rice | $12

Mashed Potatoes | $12

Baked Vegetables | $15

Sauteed Mushrooms | $15

Mixed Side Salad | $14

Grilled Asparagus | $18

String Beans, Sautéed with Garlic | $15



Warm Lava Cake | $17

Vanilla Ice Cream

creme brulee | ​ $18

Coconut Milk Custard, Burnt Sugar

Funnel Cake  |  $19

Vanilla Ice cream


Sliced Caramelized Banana,​ Set Alight Orange Liquer

Chocolate Mousse  |  $17

Coconut, Cocoa, Cinnamon, Ginger, Whipped Cream

Sorbet Trio  |  $15

Strawberry, Passion Frui​t, Kiwi

Mixed Ice Cream  |  $15

Vanilla, Espresso, Co​conut


Americano | $5

Espresso | $5

Iced Espresso | $6

Cappuccino | $7

Iced Cappuccino | $9

Affogato | $12


Amaretto Di Sarono | $16

Frangelico | $15

Cointreau | $15

Drambuie | $16


Our private room is an excellent venue for family gatherings and any special occasions, comfortably accommodating up to 28 guests.

For bigger groups, our restaurant's cozy and intimate dining room is a perfect option, catering to events with up to 78 guests.

These events can include sit-down dinners, cocktail receptions, Passed Hors D’ Oeuvres, or buffet services. Moreover, the private room can be used to expand the guest capacity to 110.

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business EVENTS

business EVENTS

Our private room offers an ideal setting for a business presentation or meeting.

Audio Visual equipment including an LCD Projector and Screen can be provided for an additional fee or you may choose to bring your own.

Our professional service staff will coordinate your business meeting / presentation with an expertly prepared dinner turning your event into an unforgettable experience

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